Gentile Giant


Gentile Giant


new! wild boar and pork salame made with rum wort from Hotel Tango Distillery

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about 1lb each, not sliced
wild boar + rum wort from Indy's own Hotel Tango distillery

Small Batch Salumi Series: limited-release

Italians call a refined gentleman "gentile" (pronounced gen-TEA-leigh). Centuries ago, the salame made with the most delicate and expensive portion of the casing went to the nobility, so it got the "gentile" name, too. Smoking Goose's latest release in our rotating Small Batch Salumi Series is stuffed into that same "gentile" portion of the casing. Gentile Giant is a special treat that's big on flavor (like a giant) but refined (since we should all treat ourselves like nobility). 

These slender, long salumi are easy to cut by hand on a slight bias. 

Serve with rum-based cocktails, spiced pecans, and sharp sheep's milk cheeses like pecorino pepato.