Her work days were filled with English grammar lessons and corralling kiddos, but her days off were filled by the pages of Osterie & Locande d'Italia, Slow Food's guide to traditional restaurants all over the boot. Lindsay set out from her job in Torino to discover Italy's bubbling craft beer scene and the unique dishes of each region including the carne crudo that became a favorite dish of this ex-vegetarian.

After a year, she was back in Indy and working with nonprofits on energy efficiency and health care issues at the Statehouse. As her work transitioned from lobbying to sales, Lindsay kept Italy close by with trips to Goose the Market's cellar Enoteca and picnics along Indy's White River bike path. "Some snacks and a little vino--it's like being back in Italy," she remembers. 

Those food memories are part of what inspired Lindsay to join the Goose Gang. It's about flavor but the story only starts there. Working with small family farms who raise their animals as nature intended means Smoking Goose's recipes start with sustainability and responsibility. We agree with Lindsay: those are ingredients are in extremely good taste.

So what's in the picnic basket on the back of her bike? "Definitely Mortadella," Lindsay shares. "It's the Smoking Goose product that surprised me the most. It's simple but complex at the same time. That's not sweet but still adds a sweet profile," she muses. And after a long ride, Guanciale is what she craves...especially as a topping on the new pizza flatbreads of Oca's menu.

As part of her work with our distribution partners, she'll be hitting the road in 2018 for some countrywide visits. Help us welcome Lindsay!