There's a new gent on the meat beat. Help us welcome Mike!

This native Hoosier joins our sales team as Wholesale Distribution Coordinator after seven years selling organic, grass-fed cheese and milk. "It was important to me to continue working with a food producer who encourages and supports healthy, sustainable farming, and who produces a quality product," Mike says. "The care that goes into Smoking Goose products from start to finish is what makes me proud to be a part of the Smoking Goose team."

When he's not working with our partners in protein, Mike's tempo still stays quick. He plays percussion and beats out four gigs a week at Indy music venues and private events. "I play many different styles of music and enjoy the variety. Just like food, I don't want the same diet all the time," Mike explains. 

But if he had to pick a few Smoking Goose meat treats that get the most play on his plate, our Applewood Smoked Bacon takes top billing. "Because it's bacon," Mike says with a wink. To round out a glass of wine and some of the grass-fed cheeses he knows so well, Mike reaches for our Gentile Giant and Saucisson Rouge. "Gentile Giant is so unique and only available this time of year: wild boar with rum wort from Hotel Tango. I love the flavor and texture of Saucisson Rouge."

We're excited that his gigs now include the Smoking Goose show. Welcome, Mike!